Thursday, October 13, 2011

Third child

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus
When we had our third child, we decided that my wife would cut back to part-time status at work. This decreased our income, so I decided that we needed to make some financial adjustments in our household. We began to live on a cash budget, which meant getting out a certain amount of cash each week to use on groceries and restaurants. I also decided to shop for energy online and found out that we could get fixed-rate energy for our home. My wife said she wanted to contribute to the decreased budget by clipping coupons each week from the paper and using them on groceries. Honestly, I have been doing most of the grocery shopping since our baby was born, so it will really be me using the coupons. We also stopped eating out so much. This was something that was not hard to cut out of our spending because it is nearly impossible to eat out in public with three children. It’s a lot calmer and less stressful to eat at home. Hopefully with these budget cuts, my wife will eventually be able to stay home full time.