Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You Have to Watch Eastbound & Down

Guest post written by my buddy Orville Lynn

Ever since Eastbound & Down premiered on HBO, I haven't missed an episode; this is because it has a sports theme, which I love without a doubt. Although football is my favorite sport of all time, watching baseball to pass the time is always a plus. I still remember the first time I watched Bull Durham; that's basically what hooked me on sports movies and sports-related television shows.

Every week, I tune into Eastbound & Down on my satellite TV, which would be the only way to watch it since this premium channel is broadcast in high definition.
Danny McBride plays the role of Kenny Powers, which he does very well because he really looks like a baseball pitcher. In the show, he has had some good and b! ad moments in the major leagues, but he is finally forced to leave the majors and become a substitute Phys-Ed teacher at his hometown middle school.

If you love sports and comedy as much as I do, then there's no reason not to tune into HBO and get hooked like I did after I got Directv because of thier DirecTV new customer rates.